Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cleaning your Canon 20D - the Infrared Way

The other day I finally got my first kit to clean the dust off my Canon 20D - a Copper Hill Sensor Sweep kit and it worked pretty darn well. The large lumps of dust or whatever that had been there were fully gone after two sweeps, although there are still some slight specks that I suspect are moisture - so at some point I'll need to go to the next level and get the full alcohol kit.

All this cleaning is a stressful process, the thought of doing the wrong thing at any moment and trashing a $1000+ camera body is less than enticing. Copper Hill's tutorials were helpful in that regard to ease my concerns. I still managed to do something weird though, as my mirror kept snapping up repeatedly after I put the lens back on. Luckily it stopped.

Anyway, for those of you who are braver souls than most - why not try and take the 'Canon 20D infrared conversion' approach to sensor cleaning... let me know how you get on.