Thursday, June 05, 2003

[From Tim] Most professional photographers use Microdrives rather than CompactFlash cards when shooting digital. Aside from the larger storage sizes, and hence more pictures, the microdrive writes the data faster. There are new CompactFlash cards about to come out (at the moment 40x is the max speed, with 16x being more common) which will be much quicker to write data but still slower than Microdrives. Also check out, this is a great site with lots of useful information to browse for learners and experts alike.


Welcome to Diversified Focus, the collected notes, hints and tips on photography that I record as and when I learn them.

So why another blog, and why about photography?

Aside from my obvious addictions to computers, diary writing and photography need there be any reasons? I take a lot of photos these days, mostly due to my digital camera always being on my person, and it's something I enjoy immensely. I've found that my skills have increased hugely through both reading, talking to people and just taking truckloads of pictures then analysing them. So the goal here is to share this information.

A large number of my photos can be found at If you're interested in any of them for whatever reasons then give me a shout and let me know. The stock is a mix of digital and 35mm at the moment depending on the photo.

I also contribute irregularly to fotolog which is a fascinating experiment into visual blogging brought to you by some lovely Brooklyn folks. This site is indicative of what the Internet and modern technology can do for the pursuit of visual arts.

So that's the intro. Looking forward to putting lots more useful camera tidbits in here as and when.... Asta, Matt